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Fritz Frequencies Home Theater Loudspeaker Systems

A / V Home Theater Loudspeakers
$650 to $800 each


Fritz A / V loudspeakers feature sonically matched drivers in all models so you
can configure your home theater system based on size and price requirements




(Click on pictures below for specs & printable brochures)

Fritz Grove - $1600/pr

7 inch 2 way high power handling system with 3inch voice coil and I" Morel Tweeter 16H x 9W x 12D

High Efficiency MTM's $1600/pr

Excellent MTM's with dual 5 or 6 inch Seas or SB Acoustics Midbass & ring radiator tweeter 19H x 7W x or 21H x 8W x 12D


Fritz Morel 6 - $1650/pr
2 way monitor with Morel 6 inch coated paper cone with 3 inch voice coil & Morel 1 inch silk dome tweeter 13H x 7.5W x12D

Fritz Mini Monitors - $1500/pr
Fritz Mini features a powerful 5 1/4" mid/bass driver with three inch voice coil and one inch Morel silk dome tweeter
13H x 7W x 9D











Fritz LS Fritzie - WEB SPECIAL - $1650/pr
2 way monitor 6 1/2" coaxial tweeter
16H x 9W x 9 1/2D

Excel 7 - WEB SPECIAL - $2300/pr
Seas Excel 7 inch magnesium mid/bass with Scanspeak 1 inch or Ribbon tweeter 16H x 9W x 12



All Fritz Speakers have magnetically attached grill clothes

Dunlavy and other Center Channel Clones $650-800 each


MTM Power Tower Home Theater System

Power Tower Home Theater

The WAF 5.1 Home Theater System


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