My new SE version is upgraded with the latest ScanSpeak

Illuminator AirCirc tweeters and has more midrange detail

with higher frequency extension than the original model

2 Way vented stand mounted compact monitors for use in smaller rooms can be

placed closer to the walls without overloading the room with bass boom

Frequency Response:

43Hz-30Khz +/- 3 db


8 Ohms nominal


85.5 db (1 Watt, 2.83 V @ 1 Meter)

Bass/Midrange Driver:

ScanSpeak 5 ½" Revelator mid/woofer. It features a non-resonant cone and dust cap structure, dynamic linear suspension, SD-1 magnet system, "Grasshopper" cast chassis with maximized air flow and resonance terminating mounting system. Less resonance in all structures, lower compression and higher linearity, faster termination of excess energy and higher sound pressure capability make the 15W have more musical and dynamic capability than any other 5 ½" we know of. Wonderful bass in a small box!

High-quality magnet system design with patented Symmetric Drive (SD-1) continues to be a key feature. The magnet system is the new SD-1 system which eliminates modulation and dynamic distortion, as well as clipping distortion created as it exceeds its maximum linear excursion.


ScanSpeak Illuminator D3004/662000 Tweeter

1" Textile Dome Diaphragm
Magnet System w. Alu Ring
Diffraction Damping Rubber Front
Large Roll Surround for Wide Dispersion
AirCirc Motor Design w. 6 Neo magnets
Die Cast Rubber Painted Alu Face Plate

The Illuminator tweeters continue on with the heritage of the renowned Revelator D29. The large-roll surround and textile dome diaphragm provide a flat frequency response to above 30KHz with outstanding off-axis dispersion. The face plates are die cast in aluminum for a beautiful look with maximum mechanical stability. Scan-speak’s unique AirCirc Magnet System - named for the way it optimizes air flow within the chamber – rearranges the traditional magnet structure from a single magnet to an open magnetic circuit comprised of six separate neodymium slugs. This, in combination with the chamber, results in the elimination of the reflections and resonances that compromise the performance of traditional motors. The D3004-662000 gives engineers improved control over critical midrange performance, for superb vocal rendition and excellent imaging at all listening locations.


Series crossover without any capacitors or resistors in the circuit with the tweeter. Acoustic Reality Series Crossovers


13H x 7.5 W x 12D, 25 lbs (each)

Recommended Power:

60 - 150 Watts RMS, without clipping


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