Fritz Speakers series crossovers use fewer crossover parts and have exceptional impedance & phase curves [smooth, without any bumps or dips] resulting in excellent sound compared to standard crossovers other companies use.

Listen to your amp & speakers. Not a bunch of crossover
parts that suck up power & good sound!


Fritz Carbon 7 SE

My new Carbon 7 SE version has more midrange detail
& higher frequency extension than the original model!

Upgraded with ScanSpeaks latest lighter & faster mid/bass driver
& ScanSpeaks Illuminator AirCirc tweeter

Fritz Carbon 7 SE Impedance & Phase Graph

LS Fritzie

LS 5/R

LS 7/R


Impedance & phase curves of some other

highly rated name brand models...

Harbeth P3ESR @ $2200 pr

Usher BE718 @ $2800 pr

ProAc 1 SC @ $2500 pr

Totem Model 1 @ $2200 pr

Merlin TSM-MME @ $2800+ pr

Totem Forest @ $3800 pr

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