New SE Mk 2 version uses an upgraded lighter

& faster ScanSpeak mid/bass driver with more midrange

detail and a wide Dispersion Textile dome tweeter

2 Way vented stand mounted monitor

Frequency Response:

38Hz-35Khz +/- 3 db


8 Ohms nominal @ 1000 kHz- Very easy load on any amplifier including low powered tube amps. See Impedance & fantastic phase curves below


88 db (1 Watt, 2.83 V @ 1 Meter)

Bass/Midrange Driver:

7" Carbon Graphite Fiber/Paper Pulp composite cone with non-resonant low loss butyl rubber surround & Kapton voice coil former & die cast frame with massive magnet, bass reflex loaded- rear port.

This unit is an improved version of the highly praised 18W/8545-00 midwoofer, where a new aluminum chassis, an updated cone and a new spider as well as a few other details are introduced, these updates improves mechanical stability and sound performance.

High-quality magnet system design with patented Symmetric Drive (SD-1) continues to be a key feature. The magnet system is the new SD-1 system which eliminates modulation and dynamic distortion, as well as clipping distortion created as it exceeds its maximum linear excursion.


1" ScanSpeak Textile Diaphragm wide surround Dome tweeter

Wide Dispersion
Extended Frequency to Above 40KHz
Low Distortion
Double magnet with Rear Chamber



Series crossover without any capacitors or resistors in the circuit with the tweeter. Acoustic Reality Series Crossovers


16H x 9W x 12D, 32 lbs (each)

Recommended Power:

5 - 200 Watts RMS, without clipping

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