2 Way vented compact sized stand mounted monitor

2 Way vented compact sized stand mounted monitor


Frequency Response:

36Hz-40Khz +/- 3 db


8 Ohms nominal


87 db (1 Watt, 2.83 V @ 1 Meter)

Bass/Midrange Driver:

7" paper cone revelator features a non-resonant cone and dust cap structure, dynamic linear suspension, SD-1 magnet system, "Grasshopper" cast chassis with maximized air flow and resonance terminating mounting system. Less resonance in all structures, lower compression and higher linearity, faster termination of excess energy and higher sound pressure capability.


Transducer Labs Beryllium- From their web site- At Transducer Lab, our goal is to produce drivers that accurately transform the original electrical signal to an acoustical signal with minimal alteration. Quality is a factor as well. Our drivers are carefully assembled and tested in lab conditions. Transducer Lab tweeters are matched to +/- 1db and each tweeter is thoroughly tested and evaluated to meet our standard specifications.

The N28BER is a high purity Beryllium dome tweeter with advanced design and premium parts to match. Response to 47khz at 95db SPL with a natural airy sound

Ultra High Purity (99.4%) Beryllium Dome

Decompression chambers

CNC machined metal parts / ceramic terminal posts

High dynamic range/ Acoustic dampening; no ferro-fluid

Frequency matched to +/- 1db

Under-hung Voice Coil (1.2mm Linear Excursion)

Pure Silver Lead Wires and Terminal Posts

High-Flux Double Magnet Design

Designed, Assembled and Tested in the USA


Series crossover without any capacitors or resistors in the circuit with the tweeter. Acoustic Reality Series Crossovers


16H x 9W x 12D, 30 lbs (each)

Recommended Power:

50 - 200 Watts RMS, without clipping

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